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Join the Wait List for Winter Lessons in Berkeley

We currently have a waitlist for our lessons at Adeline's Lab near Ashby Bart.  If you're interested, please fill out the form below and we will add you to our waitlist.  There is a strong chance that we will have more spots open up for weekly lessons beginning in January, possibly sooner, so getting on the waitlist is the best way to get one of those spots.

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New Studio open in South Berkeley

KC and Friends has opened a new studio in South Berkeley! Get in touch to schedule your lessons with KC and Friends at the Firehouse Art Collective!

About KC & Friends

Over the years, KC & Friends has taught hundreds of kids to play, read, and write music.  Using fantastical stories and lovable characters from our innovative comic book series, we engage students from day one.  We want to share KC & Friends piano method with even more aspiring students and show them how to laugh, learn, and love to play the piano!

The KC & Friends Books

We’re on a mission to update the way piano is taught.

The KC & Friend Books use an innovative comic format to teach children the fundamentals of piano, using colorful characters to tell a story and guide children through the basics in a fun and engaging way. Your children will meet cute, witty friends who will help teach them how to read music, understand rhythm, and even write their own songs!

About the Lessons

KC & Friends offers music lessons students entering kindergarten through adulthood.  Our lessons are fun and informative; these are not the strict dogmatic lessons of your youth. They are built around the idea that music is a fantastic gift to have and to share. 

If you are seeking a teacher whose goal is to create a concert pianist, this probably isn't the place for your child. But if you are looking for a teacher who will engage your child, teach them music in a fun and innovative way, infuse proper technique and sight reading, and (most importantly) help them to enjoy their lessons, then we will be a great fit.

From Parents & Students:

THANKS for your note it made me smile and even giggle! You’re the best and I love that you accept my girls for what they are and adjust your teaching accordingly!
Kristen (Parent)
Greenbrae, CA
We LOVE the lessons you are providing. We have never seen our daughter so engaged and she actually continues playing when you leave!
Corte Madera, CA
I’m always so excited to see who the next friend is!
Alex (Age 7)
Greenbrae, CA