About KC & Friends

Over the years, KC & Friends has taught hundreds of kids to play, read, and write music.  Using fantastical stories and lovable characters from our innovative comic book series, we engage students from day one.  We want to share KC & Friends Meet Your Music piano method with even more aspiring students and show them how to laugh, learn, and love to play the piano!

KC & Friends is all about teaching kids how to read music and play the piano with proper technique in the easiest, funniest way we know how.  We tell stories and kids learn.  We laugh, they laugh, and they learn some more. We change the story, add a challenge, and they create their own music which in turn helps them learn more.   Eventually, we show them “real” music and they look at it and say “I get it” and play the song.  It’s fun, it's effective, kids love it, and we hope you will too.

Our Books

Our stories teach kids in a fun and engaging way, and they learn a skill that is going to make their brains work better, their happiness meters increase, and their confidence levels expand.  Being able to play the piano is an awesome gift to give someone and KC & Friends is in the giving mood.  Let’s learn, play and laugh together!

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Our Studio

We are all really nice, smart, inspired people who work really hard to help kids learn music throughout the Bay Area.  We hire working musicians to teach kids to read music and play the piano with proper technique.  We come to your home, and teach at a level and pace that will work for each student in their own environment.   We support each other when teaching challenges arise and everyone is trained by KC to understand how developing brains and motor skills can best absorb this information.  We actually like each other, and our work, and once you mix that in with the crazy amount of talent we all all have, you have a team of teachers who will give each student the best shot at learning music as possible.  We can’t make you learn, but we can make learning as fun and easy as possible.

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My Story

Growing up, my mother decided that all 6 of her children were to take piano lessons from the first grade until they were 16. She did this not because of some great love of music but because that is what her mother made her do. I began lessons with a teacher who was very serious and strict and who dictated the music I would learn and limited the scope to only songs that were completely inaccessible to me as a young child. I loved music, but being forced to play classical music without deviation led me to dislike piano. While I begrudgingly learned excellent technique and strong music fundamentals, I didn't enjoy playing. As I entered high school I negotiated with my parents to find my own teacher, and it was then that I found my mentor, teacher, friend and role model.  She saw the interest and desire I had to play and let me follow my own interest as far as picking repertoire.  I learned so much and I kept playing, and even today I'm the only member of my family who still plays and loves music.

In the years since then, I began teaching.   I sought to teach kids first to love and appreciate music so that they will want to play music.   I've developed my method; a fun, playful introduction to note reading and song playing.  In each lesson I try to find the right balance of structure and play for each student, and each family.

I offer composition from the very beginning.  I believe that learning to write songs is just as important as learning others' songs.   I also teach students to play popular music that they know from the beginning because I think that students should genuinely enjoy the songs they play.  If you enjoy playing the songs you know, that builds a curiosity to learn new songs and styles you don't know yet. 

It is a privilege to be able to follow in the steps of my mentor and become the teacher that I always wanted.  Thanks for your interest in KC & Friends.

Take Care,


Meet the Friends

Busy B

'Bee on top' is easy to remember!


Fun for everyone to play

Sad C

He wants to play

The Dude

Hanging on for dear life!

Divided D

I divide everything!

Elfy E

Magic elf powers!

Evil E

Every story needs a villain

Fit Fred

Some say he’s not so fit


She’ll win it all one day

1, 2, Go Green

I’m the environmentalist

Mr. Face

Get off my lawn!

Alien A

Earth Friends are silly!