From Parents & Students:

THANKS for your note it made me smile and even giggle! You’re the best and I love that you accept my girls for what they are and adjust your teaching accordingly!
Kristen (Parent)
Greenbrae, CA
We LOVE the lessons you are providing. We have never seen our daughter so engaged and she actually continues playing when you leave!
Corte Madera, CA
I’m always so excited to see who the next friend is!
Alex (Age 7)
Greenbrae, CA
The Friends are fun and funny, I like them.
Greenbrae, CA
I wrote a song! It is called “I’m Awesome.
Larkspur, CA
I met KC in San Francisco in October 2012. She is an engaging lady and easy to talk to. She shared that she had written a music book for children designed to help them learn the piano and develop a love for music. My eleven year old daughter had started a different piano method that was not pleasant for her and we were discouraged. I got KC’s book and my daughter (and now my son) love the book and play on the piano all the time for fun. While they are not concert pianists at this point, they have some basic knowledge and feel great about their accomplishments and enjoy playing. Laura is enjoying composing as well- and it’s satisfying to her to make up songs. I recommend KC as a teacher and recommend her book as a great method of learning to play piano.
Stockton, CA