Introduction to Piano - Book 1

  • Meet all the characters that will teach you how to play the piano!
  • Learn about finger numbers for playing piano. 
  • Laugh as the characters find out about the letters on the piano (you learn too!)
  • Settle into Middle C Position, play songs you know, and yell at the pesky Monkey who causes trouble! 
  • Meet the Friends who help you learn how to read all the notes in Middle C Position.
  • With the Teacher's help, write four songs by yourself! 

95 pages - $30

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Meet the Teacher who will teach you and the Hands piano basics.
After learning finger number, learn piano letters with songs you know.
If the Hands can play this song, so can you!
The Teacher moves the Hands to Middle C Position.
Meet the Friends! Each note in Middle C Position has a Friend you will love!
Play songs with the Friends.  Playing is easy and fun.
As the book ends, nine new Friends have helped you read music.