Introduction to Piano - Book 2

  • Meet Luigi, the Italian pizza chef, who helps explain rhythm via pizza pies! 
  • Learn about quarter, half, dotted half, whole notes and write three new songs with the Teachers help. 
  • Play games designed to put rhythm into your body so you can understand it.  
  • Advance to playing music in proper format of 4/4 time when introduced to bar lines, measures, and time signatures.
  • Oh boy! The Monkey is back and he is causing problems! Luckily, the Friends win in the end. 
  • Meet more Friends when the Hands move into a new position, C Position.  We love new Friends!
  • Finish the book understanding basic rhythm, tied notes, rests, and varying time signatures all while laughing with Friends.

99 pages - $30

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Meet Luigi, the Italian pizza man, who explains rhythm.
Learn the basic notes of rhythm from the Teacher.
As the book goes forward, learn how and why proper rhythm works.
Rhythm and the Friends work together with Luigi’s help.
That pesky Monkey makes the kids laugh while they play songs.
As the books ends, you not only know rhythm but you have met three new Friends that teach you C Position.