Songs For Kids By Kids

  • Reinforce the note reading that you learned in Lesson Book #1.
  • Play songs that were written by kids, for kids.  
  • Learn how to play two notes at a time and then basic chords.
  • Draw and fill in the blanks on some interactive songs. 
  • Giggle at some of the silly things that kids make up and then make up your own silly things!

51 pages - $20

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The Teacher, Hands, and Friends are all in simple songs written by other kids!
Kids totally relate when some songs and cartoons were drawn by kids.
 Basic concepts are reinforced and several songs are interactive.  In this song kids draw in the missing Friends.
Mad Libs song-writing?  Of course!  It’s hilarious and fun.
As the book advances, begin play two and three notes at the same time. Kids finish this book feeling confident that they understand the material and want to know more!