Meet the Teachers


Teaching piano since 1996 and in Marin since 2002, KC loves being a piano teacher. She earned her B.A. in music in 2001. KC has been working with children her whole life and infuses Quantum Learning and Montessori education techniques and methods to enhance her lessons and trains her staff to do the same.  She has traveled extensively and believes that a diversity of experiences and understanding is the foundation of learning.  Most of all she's an Irish Lass who uses the gift of gab to explain music in a way that is so amusing kids don't even know they are learning.  She is working on her piano method, KC & Friends Introduction to Piano, an interactive comic book that gets kids (and a parent or two!) to learn how to read music by learning the story.  KC is proud of the books, of the studio, and of the graduate teachers she has worked with along the way. 


Kelsey, a former chemist looking for a change, started with KC & Friends as a substitute teacher in 2014. Once Kelsey started coming to the team meetings and working with the kids, she knew she had found something she wanted to build on.  So, kids have found a wonderful teacher to inspire them to learn music and follow their dreams.  KC is thrilled to have someone who is brave enough to take the chance on changing their life and Kelsey will find out what being a Californian entrepreneur is all about.  We are thrilled to have Kelsey on team KC & Friends!


At KC & Friends we love gigging musicians and two years ago we have found another gem of the SF music scene with our Emily.  Sometimes music is cool, expressive, slightly magical, and hopeful.  Those are the things that Emily encompasses and brings to the team.  Emily plays the piano and sings with heart, and has the skills to help those she teaches to do the same.  When you meet her, you'll get it, this person is here to share what she has found in the musical world.  As she boarded our train in 2014, we've been thrilled to have her on board! 


The 2016 - 2017 school year welcomes Fan to the KC & Friends team.  Fan has an infectious personality and a desire to infuse a love of music in all of her students.  She is silly, funny, and really great to be around.  The daughter of a mother who was a professional soprano singer and a father who is a painter, Fan was raised to see the creative when others only studied the logical.  She worked hard, incredibly hard, and is now a respected composer for tv and film in addition to teaching with KC & Friends.  Fan will be having "relaxed" expectations for all of her students with KC & Friends, but if you ever want to reach a goal or overcome an obstacle, Fan can create a program that will get you there.  We are thrilled to have Fan on our team!

Dylan - Graduate Teacher

Five years ago KC met Dylan and the first teacher at KC & Friends was hired.  After many wonderful years of working together day to day, it was time for Dylan to own and run her own studio.  Dylan now teaches in Marin and San Francisco outside of KC & Friends, under her own name Dylan & Friends.  All of Dylan's students begin their piano journey with the KC & Friends books.  Also, Dylan still collaborates and works with KC on the KC & Friends book series.  Dylan has become a cornerstone of all that is good in KC and Friends - land.  


Kanoko - Graduate Teacher

Adding a love of improvisation and creativity to our team, we welcomed Kanoko to the KC & Friends team in 2013.  As Kanoko's teaching skills grew, so did her family and Kanoko is now mom to two little ones.  After teaching with KC & Friends for three years, Kanoko graduated onto running her own teaching studio.  Based in the east bay and also teaching in Marin, Kanoko teaches many students to love music.  With a gift for connecting with an array of students, especially those with special needs or gifts, Kanoko is also pursing her degree in music therapy.   She and KC always stay in touch and her students enjoy working with KC & Friends materials. 

Michael (aka Pie) - Graduate Teacher

When KC went looking for the new guitar teacher, she was thrilled to meet Michael.  Michael began his musical training on the violin, which he is quite talented at playing, but the lure of guitar and all things rock n' roll captivated him from a young age.  He grew to become an impressive player and spent years on tour, playing with countless musicians.  He studied under some masters and brought all of that experience back to the Bay with him.  He currently teaches at UCSF and spent some time on the KC & Friends team.  When KC decided to refocus and not offer guitar lessons as part of the KC & Friends program, she and Mike worked it out that he would partner with her in the future.  Mike runs his own school and KC happily refers anyone in SF or Marin who wants to learn guitar to him.