Our lessons are fun and friendly, just like us. Below are our policies and procedures, so we can all know what to expect.


During the COVID-19 outbreak, we will be holding all lessons online through Zoom sessions.

Once it is safe to resume in-person lessons, we hope to resume teaching in South Berkeley at Adelines Labs located at 3140 Martin Luther King (1/2 block from Ashby Bart). 


Piano lessons start at $270/month.  The minimum duration for a lesson is 45 minutes.  This amount includes a book deposit for teaching materials used throughout the school year.

Calendar and Schedule

Weekly lessons are taught Sunday – Thursday, 2-8pm.

There is a summer, fall, and spring session for KC & Friends.

  • Summer 2020 – June 1 to September 6
  • Fall 2020 – September 14 to December 18
  • Spring 2021 – January 4 to May 31

KC & Friends is closed during the following holidays and breaks, and lessons will not be scheduled or billed for the following dates:

  • Thanksgiving: (KC will discuss options with any Thursday student)
  • Winter Holiday
  • President’s Day Week

If a lesson falls on other Federal holidays (ex. MLK Day) we do have lessons. Spring Break is not a “free” cancel because we teach kids from so many schools that it covers three different weeks.


Lessons will be a fixed amount based on your lesson length with a small allotment for a book deposit.  

When you begin lessons, KC will provide a detailed breakdown of how this works when you commit at the beginning of a session. 

KC & Friends uses a service called Bill & Pay to accept electronic payment for lessons. It offers an online portal for everyone to view all of their past invoices, pay online through their checking accounts, and set up auto-payments that will automatically pay the invoice on the due date.  If you don’t want to use that service, no problem, KC & Friends will send you an address to send a check or set up a bill pay with your bank. 

Late Fees

A late fee of $20 will be issued to families who have a balance older than 45 days. Late fees will appear on your next invoice.


The teacher will provide all necessary books for the student. The monthly fixed rate includes a book deposit that is included in the Fall fixed rate.  If you start later than September, KC will invoice you separately for the book deposit and/or in June we will balance out all the book deposit accounts and either charge or credit your final invoice for any balances left.


We do not want to teach students who do not want to learn, so there are minimal commitments to these lessons. They are:

New Students –  First Month

During the first month, if it is not working out, please feel at ease to part ways.  If possible please schedule a sample lesson before a session starts to be sure the lessons are a good fit for you student. (Sample lessons are usually offered in August or December.) 

All Students

For the session beginning in September, we ask that you stay committed through December.  For the session beginning in January, we ask you stay committed through the end of May.  If that is not possible, we require four weeks notice to end lessons. We do not accept the four weeks notice as of March of any year.  

Summer lessons are commitment free.  Connect with KC about scheduling.

Cancellation Policy

We will do everything in our power to reschedule if there is a conflict and make up missed lessons if we can.  Our policy, however, is that if the student cancelled the lesson, it still needs to be paid for.  There will be some flexibility in the beginning of June to makeup lessons, but these are offered at the teacher’s discretion. 

Teacher cancellation: If the teacher cancels for any reason, the lesson will be made up either that week at another time that works for you, or a credit will be issued for the next invoice. 

Waiting List

During the school year, we often do not have open times to accommodate new students. When this happens, we encourage you to fill out the Lesson Sign Up form. We will still schedule sample lessons and add you to our waiting list. Whenever an open slot becomes available we will contact you in the order your form request was received to see if that works for your student. Thanks! 


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