Remembering to Show our Students We Care

It’s easy to get wrapped up in teaching the material and forget to check in with your students and find on what’s going in their lives. But getting to know your students is an important part of teaching, especially when you’re giving one-to-one lessons. We all have our own busy lives and our own things …
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Ready, set, play! Piano games to liven up your lessons

Here at KC & Friends, we believe that laughter is the key to learning. No more boring flashcards! Think back to your own experience learning the piano as a child… Do you remember using music note flashcards? Do you remember, like I do, frantically flipping over card after card, trying to make sense of that …
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Kids Write Songs with the KC & Friends Songwriting Event!

Springtime Songwriting Event We love it when kids write songs! Our goal is to have every student write at least one song this March and (we hope) to share them with you. Some songs may even be chosen for the new revisions of Songs for Kids (by Kids) Levels 2 and 3! How will they …
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Happy New Year from KC & Friends!

See ya 2020! Looking forward to 2021… Spring semester is January 4th – May 30th and has 20 weeks of lessons.  We are keeping the same schedule, so if you want a lesson time change please email your teacher.     We are very pleased to say we are almost full, thank you for your positive word …
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Zoom-ing Into Kids Minds with Piano Lessons

We are in a whole new world. We are all adjusting, and our kids are too. This is a lot to process, and the ups and downs are vey real. As a piano teacher, I was worried about this new Zoom piano lessons world that I jumped into. How would it work? Would it work …
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The Magic Moment

Sometimes in a creative life, you wander out, create something, and aren’t sure if others will think it is as great as you do.  If you’re lucky someone will let you know and in my experience kids are the best judges. Sometimes they’ll tell you, but other times they simply engage, dive in and laugh. …
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I Hated Piano Lessons as a Child

As the title states, as a child, I hated piano lessons. Growing up, my mother decided that all 6 of her children were to take piano lessons from the first grade until they were 16. She did this not because of some great love of music but because that is what her mother made her …
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