Piano and Pizza

How KC & Friends Uses Pizza to Teach Kids Rhythm

In KC & Friends land pizza is the best food, so it might as well teach rhythm also!  You’ll notice that teaching rhythm via pizza isn’t the only different approach in the KC & Friends method.  In Level 1, we let kids create a relationship with the Friends/notes/keys. By the time they get to Level …
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Monkey Lawyer

Time to Monkey Around!

By the time kids get to Level 3, they are playing songs, writing songs, and are excited to learn more (and meet new Friends)! For you teachers, when you get to Level 3, you want to take the time to start really emphasizing the correct way of doing things. Maybe you let some things slide …
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Piano Teacher

Teachers: Be SILLY!

When teaching with the KC & Friends I give you permission to be silly.  Please be silly! These characters are hilarious if you let them be, but it is you who has to bring them to life. Change your voices for the R Hand, L Hand, and the Teacher. The kids love it!  R Hand …
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