Happy New Year from KC & Friends!

See ya 2020! Looking forward to 2021…

Spring semester is January 4th – May 30th and has 20 weeks of lessons.  We are keeping the same schedule, so if you want a lesson time change please email your teacher.    

We are very pleased to say we are almost full, thank you for your positive word of mouth!  We have room for just a few more new students, so if you have friends with interest they should email KC:  kc@kcandfriends.com.  It’s been a weird year, but we are so thankful that we can still teach and share music! 

Coming soon–Student Songwriting Event!

Next semester KC & Friends is hosting a Songwriting Event. The hope is that we’ll share songs kids write and then other kids can play them. They will be both composers and critics!  (Kid feedback is always hilarious and we can not wait!) The favorites will be added to our latest versions of Songs for Kids By Kids. Those songs will be played by kids near and far for years to come! 

KC & Friends – Looking Friend-tastic!

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