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The KC & Friends Books use an innovative comic format to teach children the fundamentals of piano.

Colorful characters tell a story and guide children through the basics in a fun and engaging way.

Your children will meet cute, witty friends who will help teach them how to read music, understand rhythm, and even write their own songs!

Level 1

This is the first phase of KC & Friends Books where the kid is first introduced to the piano and music generally. Like every other level, it contains four different books that will help the kids learn with fun. From the first book, Piano Fundamentals Level 1, to the last one, kids are taken through a fun-filled adventure that is full of lessons across the piano keys.

Level 2

Unsurprisingly, level 2 begins by building on the lessons kids have learned in Level 1. In Piano Fundamental Level 2, kids are introduced to rhythm fundamentals, rests, tied notes, 4/4 time signatures, and many more. Of course, with comics and fun characters, the kids never realize they are learning the things that will form a considerable part of their being in the musical world in the future.

Level 3 – Early Versions Available

At the third level, kids already have robust fundamentals of music, piano, and songwriting. Here, they meet even more friends to help them learn new hand positions, expand on rhythm basics with eight notes, and learn other core piano concepts. With the help of the teacher and their comic friends, kids begin to write their own songs, draw more comics, and strengthen their rhythm knowledge.

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