Kids Write Songs with the KC & Friends Songwriting Event!

Springtime Songwriting Event

We love it when kids write songs! Our goal is to have every student write at least one song this March and (we hope) to share them with you. Some songs may even be chosen for the new revisions of Songs for Kids (by Kids) Levels 2 and 3!

How will they write these songs??  

We have made a web game that lets kids write songs on their gadgets. We will use this with students during their piano lessons, but they will also have the ability to use this by themselves at home–However! It is super important to watch the first 2 minutes and 45 seconds of our tutorial video by clicking on the image below if your kid is going to use the game at home. 

Hashtag with Us! 

If you use Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and find yourself posting videos of anything piano related be sure to tag us @kcandfriendsmusic — also, give us a follow and help spread the word about our fun piano method! 

Song Suggestions?

We will be putting together a song packet to give to students later this year. If you or your kids have any songs you want us to include, fill out the form below! If the song is from a Meme, please copy and paste the meme it is from. 
Access the form here: Suggest a song for KC & Friends here! 

Do you know anyone interested in getting started with KC & Friends?

Buy Level 1 Book 1 here and get started meeting your music!  

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