Pizza For The People

Luigi, the pizzeria owner who teaches rhythm with our Pizza for the People approach, is a favorite in the KC & Friends world. 

I came up with the idea of Luigi because as a kid I never really understood rhythm.

My teacher thought he had taught it to me, but I didn’t understand and I was too scared to tell him otherwise. 

So I knew black notes went faster and whole notes were longer and I had a good ear, so I’d get my teacher to play the song and I’d repeat it. I was able to sneak right under his nose not having learned rhythm, while he just continued making the concepts more and more complicated.

I didn’t want my students to be confused as I had been. Rhythm is such an important part of music, there had to be an easier way to explain the concepts to my students. This is where Pizza for the People helps the kids learn rhythm.

KC and Friends and their Pizza for the People approach to learning rhythm.

I knew I needed someone to help them relate to rhythm, to fractions, to counting. And that’s where Luigi came in. The kids love to meet a new friend and Luigi’s cool accent, and approach learning rhythm excited and happy. This is how Pizza for the People was born!

A whole pizza is $4, just like four beats in a measure. A half pizza — kids can understand that — and therefore they understand that two halves make a whole. Relating something new and complicated–fractions and rhythm–to something friendly and familiar–pizza–makes it much less intimidating and scary to the students.

Kids laugh and tell me I’m making them hungry, while they truly learn rhythm via pizza.

None of my more advanced students are confused like I once was, everyone learns this “complicated” thing in an easy, relatable, and delicious way. At KC & Friends, we think of fun, easy ways to communicate ideas; because music should be fun! Check out our books in our shop and see for yourself!

Grazie, Luigi! 🍕

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