Pizza For The People

Luigi, the pizzeria owner who teaches rhythm, is a favorite in the KC & Friends world. 

As a kid I never really understood rhythm.

My teacher thought he had taught it to me, but I didn’t understand and I was too scared to tell him otherwise. 

So I knew black notes went faster and whole notes were longer and I had a good ear, so I’d get my teacher to play the song and I’d repeat it.

I didn’t want my students to be confused as I had been.

I knew I needed someone to help them relate to rhythm, to fractions, to counting. And that’s where Luigi came in.

A whole pizza is $4, just like four beats in a measure. A half pizza — kids can understand that — and therefore they understand that two halves make a whole.

Kids laugh and tell me I’m making them hungry, while they truly learn rhythm via pizza.

None of my more advanced students are confused like I once was, everyone learns this “complicated” thing in an easy, relatable, and delicious way. 

Grazie, Luigi! 🍕

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