Piano Teachers

Growing up, my mother decided that all 6 of her children were to take piano lessons from the first grade until they were 16.

She did this not because of some great love of music but because that is what her mother made her do. I began lessons with a teacher who was very serious and strict and who dictated the music I would learn and limited the scope to only songs that were completely inaccessible to me as a young child. I loved music, but being forced to play classical music without deviation led me to dislike piano. While I begrudgingly learned excellent technique and strong music fundamentals, I didn’t enjoy playing.

As I entered high school I negotiated with my parents to find my own teacher, and it was then that I found my mentor, teacher, friend and role model. She saw the interest and desire I had to play and let me follow my own interest as far as picking repertoire. I learned so much and I kept playing, and even today I’m the only member of my family who still plays and loves music.

Meet the Teachers


Daniel is a bright splash of color who has been an invaluable member of the KC & Friends team for several years. Everyone loves Daniel, as they should, he’s great! Many students have take the whole KC & Friends ride with Daniel and are now beginning to graduate onto more advanced music. Daniel has brought his knowledge of jazz and pop to make that experience attainable, fun, and thoughtful. You’ll love his easy-going personality, and be thrilled with what the kids learn in their time with him.


If there is person that reminds us of a warm, sunny day, it is Millie. Millie is a talented musician, multi-instrumentalist, and all-around lovely human. She is originally from Mexico, earned a master’s degree in music performance in Texas, an additional graduate diploma in Canada, and we are thrilled to have her on the team. Millie has a world of knowledge with woodwinds, specifically flute, and is also a talented piano player. Any student working with Millie will find a patient and fun-filled teacher.


Who is lucky enough to have lessons with Fan? Hopefully you! Fan is an awesome person, an incredible musician, and she taught with KC & Friends for many years before moving away from the Bay Area. With our zoom format we couldn’t be happier to have her back! Fan will be working with a few beginning students but we are especially excited for her to help the kids who are exiting the KC & Friends method and ready to put a little extra work into their repertoire.

Meet KC and learn the method she developed; a fun, playful introduction to note reading and song playing. In each lesson, she tries to find the right balance of structure and play for each student, and each family. KC offers composition from the very beginning.

In the years since then, I began teaching. I sought to teach kids first to love and appreciate music so that they will want to play music.

I believe that learning to write songs is just as important as learning others’ songs. I also teach students to play popular music that they know from the beginning because I think that students should genuinely enjoy the songs they play. If you enjoy playing the songs you know, that builds a curiosity to learn new songs and styles you don’t know yet.

It is a privilege to be able to follow in the steps of my mentor and become the teacher that I always wanted. Thanks for your interest in KC & Friends and for taking the time to meet KC!

Meet KC, the creator of KC & Friends.


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