Piano FUNdamentals Level 1


Join KC & Friends on a fun-filled adventure up and down the piano keys. Comics and characters break down the basics of music, piano, and songwriting.

In this lesson book, students learn…

  • Finder numbers
  • Musical alphabet
  • Beginning positions and hand placement technique
  • Reading music on the staff
  • Beginning compositions – students write four songs while learning!

Shipping is included!



About the KC & Friends Piano Method

Kids relate to the crazy characters that populate the world of KC & Friends and enthusiastically dive into their stories, laughing so hard that they don’t even realize they are learning.

Whether they identify with goofy R Hand or serious L Hand, the adventures help kids develop a healthy understanding of who they are and the freedom to express that through music.

KC & Friends is a totally reimagined way to teach piano, including proper hand technique, reading music, and even songwriting.


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