Check out some amazing student compositions!

“Jack’s Song” by Jack

“Joaquin’s Song” by Joaquin

“Dark Shadows” by Avery

“After the Rain” by Naomi

“Ira” by Paloma

“The Knight” by Arthor

“Fairy Magic” by Ruthie

“Spring Awakening” by Anouk

“Loki the Terrible Cat” by Athena

“Comeback Song” by Guy

“Sounds of Starlight” by Amar

“Ode to Porgs” by Joplin

“Spring” by Mattingly

“Deep Sea” by Magnolia

“All About my Cats” by Harper

“Anton’s Song” by Anton

“Swing Set” by Katelyn

“Liam’s Song” by Liam

“Hopscotch” by Aya

“Jumping Slopes” by Lea

“Random Song” by Avery

“The Circle” by Auggie

“Kalliope’s Song” by Kalliope

“Untitled Song” by Aviva

“The one and Only Untitled Song” by Tommy

“Eva 2.0” by Liam

“Nothingness” by Asher

“Cottage Core Shower” by Paloma