Piano Teacher

Teachers: Be SILLY!

When teaching with the KC & Friends I give you permission to be silly. 

Please be silly! These characters are hilarious if you let them be, but it is you who has to bring them to life.

Change your voices for the R Hand, L Hand, and the Teacher. The kids love it! 

R Hand is kinda a goof; make him sound like it. L Hand is a very serious hand — help him convey his intensity.

The Teacher is kind and patient; let her be.

After the kids have met the Hands for a few comics, ask your student “Are you more of an R Hand or an L Hand?” 

It’s an awesome way to get to know how your new student sees themselves and it helps you know how to approach them.

Have fun with voices and the comics. The more engaging you make the content, the more the information will stick in their minds for the future.  

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