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The KC and Friends piano books are nothing short of brilliant.

“Each key on the piano has it’s own cartoon character and the story is told from the perspective of a right hand and left hand. It’s fun and funny and kids are excited to learn from these dynamic characters. These books should be in the hands of every piano teacher around. I can’t believe how accomplished my 8-year-old is on the piano after a few years of this method.”

– Colette, mother of Maggie

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I recommend KC as a teacher and her book as a great method of learning to play piano.

“I met KC in San Francisco in October 2012. She is an engaging lady and easy to talk to. She shared that she had written a music book for children designed to help them learn the piano and develop a love for music. My eleven-year-old daughter had started a different piano method that was not pleasant for her and we were discouraged. I got KC’s book and my daughter (and now my son) love the book and play on the piano all the time for fun. While they are not concert pianists at this point, they have some basic knowledge and feel great about their accomplishments and enjoy playing. Laura is enjoying composing as well- and it’s satisfying to her to make up songs.”

– Dr. Tamara L. Clauson

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KC’s method of teaching piano truly connected with my son.

“The comic-strip style of the friends and the portrayal of notes as characters appealed to his love of graphic novels and comics and brought an immediate sense of fun and lightheartedness to the task of learning piano. KC’s style of teaching also meets the child where they are, she is flexible and fun and open to working on an approach that has the best chances of keeping my kid engaged, learning, challenged, and enjoying the process.”

– Laina, mother of Jonah

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My daughter is such a big fan of KC and enjoys every single lesson with her!

“KC is the kind of piano teacher you wish you would have had when you were a kid: funny, inspiring, with sparkling energy. Her self composed artful piano books are fantastic to learn piano in the most “playful” way possible. Each note is connected to a character (F= fit Fred , G= girl) making a hilarious story and easy to remember.”

– Angela, mother of Anouk


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