The Magic Moment

Sometimes in a creative life, you wander out, create something, and aren’t sure if others will think it is as great as you do. 

If you’re lucky someone will let you know and in my experience kids are the best judges.

Sometimes they’ll tell you, but other times they simply engage, dive in and laugh. That’s how you know.

KC & Friends piano method was once just a story I told. Back in the Fall of 2014, I had the first rough draft to show a six-year-old student.

We started reading and then, much to my shock and pleasure, she just did what the comic told her to do. I didn’t have to “teach” her, she just read it, did it, and then knew it.

I couldn’t believe it. In that one minute, I knew what I had created held some magic.

This year as I sell the books to teachers far and wide, I reflect on the hundreds of kids who have learned since that first six-year-old let me know that I had created something special. 

What a great minute that was.

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