KC and Friends

Comics and fun characters teach the fundamentals of music, piano and songwriting.

KC Cavanagh, the creator of KC & Friends, was a kid who found it extremely difficult to relate to traditional music books. She found them boring and unattractive. And that was what led to KC & Friends.

For more than a decade, she has been teaching kids to appreciate music and learn in ways they find funny and entertaining. She developed and shared characters up and down the piano keys. These friends include the Right Hand, Left Hand, and other Friends.

This method has proved successful as her students over the years have gone to be teachers and makers of music themselves using the method.

The KC & Friends method re-engineered the traditional way of teaching music, and the result is mind-blowing.

The kids went wild and the fun and crazy KC & Friends method was born!

For Kids

What is the best way to teach a child? You will agree that helping him/her have fun and play all while learning is an effective method. That is precisely what KC & Friends uses. We use colorful and funny characters that kids are naturally drawn to. In the end, it leaves the kids curious as to how things work, they have a lot of fun and end up learning all through the way.

Without confusion, the kids learn the fundamentals of the piano and songwriting with ease using the different friends they will meet in the studies. These friends are characters that the kids can easily relate with and as they progress in the lesson, they meet new friends, and the fun part is never removed.

For Teachers & Parents

Teachers and parents of kids who have used the KC & Friends method to teach music agree that it is fascinating. Not only do the kids find it exciting and raise their interest in music, but teachers also get to train with ease. It does not matter the level that the kid is; there is always something to help you at KC & Friends.

The lessons are in three different levels and each contains four books. These lessons will help you teach proper hand techniques, reading music, and songwriting without the worry of the kids not understanding. The books are written to help even parents go through the notes together with their kids and create more family time together.


More than that, KC & Friends is an empowering tool for both teachers and students to express their creative side and have more fun!

The Method of KC & Friends teaches music and piano to kids in a fun and engaging way.


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