KC and Friends

Comics and fun characters teach the fundamentals of music, piano and songwriting.

The creator of KC & Friends, KC Cavanagh, noticed kids just didn’t relate to traditional music books. They were bored and uninterested. She began to develop and share the characters of Right Hand, Left Hand and all the Friends up and down the piano keys.

The kids went wild and the fun and crazy KC & Friends method was born!


Kids relate to the colorful characters that populate the world of KC & Friends and enthusiastically dive into their stories, laughing so hard that they don’t even realize they are learning.

Whether they identify with goofy Right Hand or serious Left Hand, the adventures help kids develop a healthy understanding of who they are and the freedom to express that through music.

For teachers, the books provide a path to success and permission to enjoy teaching. KC & Friends is a totally reimagined way to teach piano, including proper hand technique, reading music, and even songwriting.

More than that, KC & Friends is an empowering tool for both teachers and students to express their creative side and have more fun!


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