Monkey Lawyer

Monkey Around With the Monkey Lawyer! It’s Time!

In Level 1 the kids met their first Friends, and started learning to play the piano. In Level 2, the kids meet Luigi, and learned how to play with rhythm. By the time kids get to Level 3, they are playing songs, writing songs, and are excited to learn more (and meet new Friends)! What else is there to learn after Level 2? You will soon meet the Monkey Lawyer and what role he has in Level 3.

For you teachers, when you get to Level 3, you want to take the time to start really emphasizing the correct way of doing things. There are A LOT of rules to reading music and a lot of weird symbols and words to teach. In Level 3, we emphasize some of these rules to smooth out the transition from KC & Friends to “Real Music.”

KC and Friends

Maybe you let some things slide in the earlier levels, but the books, the characters, and you are starting to get more serious about playing correctly. Rhythms should be correct, the students should be confident about the friends they know, etc. This is a great chance to reassess your students’ progress and see if they are any gaps in their knowledge.

With their growth, the characters also grow, with the Monkey becoming the rule-following instructor known as the Monkey Lawyer. The Monkey Lawyer teaches the kids all the rules–because Lawyers know all the rules–and the kids think it is silly that the once mischievous monkey has become so professional.

That being said, I hope you are still having fun with the content. The new Friends bring a lot of joy and clarity to the kids. They also open up a lot of room for the kids to play in different positions. Take time to reflect on how far your kids have gotten by Level 3: that’s a lot of learning!

Have fun and Enjoy!

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